Hi, I'm Jim.
And I have
hair problems.

It started in 3rd grade when I discovered hairspray Then in 7th grade when my mom cut my hair with a bowl.

3rd Grade
7th Grade

And later in life, I dabbled with a man-bun.

But, I hit my breaking point in 2021. As a long-haired man, I was using gels and pomades.

But they failed me.

Man Bunning

They left my hair feeling greasy, giving me that "did-you-just-rub-Sonic-french-fries-on your-hair" look.

That’s why I made my own product. After countless iterations, I finally found it!

Before: Gross Greasy Hair
After: Dry Hair. All Day Long.

It's part dry shampoo. It’s Part pomade.
And 100% magical.

It's made to hold your hair in place while giving you that dry and natural look. All. Day. Long.

This product won't cure cancer ... yet. But it'll blow your mind. And your girlfriend’s hair products out of the water.

Introducing dry pomade. The greatest innovation in hair-tech since the Flowbee.

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